Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Decor

Today, I'm sharing a few Halloween decor updates around our house. I have a new space to decorate -- above our entertainment center -- and it's such large space that it kind of threw off my normal decorating. I ended up mostly decorating up there and not doing much with the other spaces, like the mantel above the fireplace. I think this means I need to go shopping for some new Halloween stuff. :) But for now, our space is festive with Halloween.

There's another new Halloween lantern from my mom up there, along with a few new framed photos and my twig tree (which I love!).

I also laid my Halloween rag garland on the top. I love how it turned out. I hung my Halloween wreath and put up our Halloween tree.

I think that's plenty for this year. I'll plan to pick up some new decor items when everything is on sale. Fun plans!

Have you put up your Halloween decorations? I would love to see...please share!

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