Monday, December 31, 2012

Boys Room Decor with Maps and Globes

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Today, I'm sharing a little update for the boys' room. We moved in just 3 months ago, and with all the fall and Christmas decorating, I haven't gotten much else "arranged," decorating-wise. With my mom's visit earlier in December, we were inspired by a little shopping trip to do some decorating for the boys.

Booth at The Barn in Castle Rock, Colorado

We found this beautiful booth at The Barn - an amazing store in downtown Castle Rock, Colorado. If you get the chance the visit, you must stop here. We got lost for hours in this store. Each booth is fabulously decorated in every style you can imagine. I wanted to take everything home with me. But this particular booth full of maps and globes really struck us as a great inspiration for the boys room.

Our boys are big readers but didn't have true nightstands for their beds. So, the stacks of books ended up on the floor. We finally put a small table next to one guy's bed, and the other guy was relegated to using a large gallon bucket (hey - I was just using what I had on hand). Not an ideal solution.

The nightstand in the bottom left corner of the photo above is now resting proudly next to the original-bucket-side of the bed. A much better solution. It's a repainted piece with maps decoupaged on the drawer fronts and inside the drawers. The boys both loved it.

Boys room decorated with maps and globes from

They both loved it so much, in fact, that my mom and I quickly realized we needed to find another nightstand to appease the other boy. Luckily, mom's weekend visit involved not one, but two trips to IKEA - our new favorite store. There, we found another nightstand, which my mom decoupaged with maps to create a coordinating but unique nightstand for the second boy.

Boys room decorated with maps and globes from

Boys room decorated with maps and globes from

The boys' room was already painted a nice shade of blue when we moved in. So, to finish up the decor for now, we added in a few globes and a map clock. It's not a completely finished space, but the boys love their Super Mario Bros. bedding too much right now to be forced to change.

Boys room decorated with maps and globes from

Boys room decorated with maps and globes from

Boys room decorated with maps and globes from

The boys love their updated room - functional and comfortable enough for them and just fancy enough to make me happy.

Until next time...

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