Saturday, January 04, 2014

Easy Canvas Drop-Cloth Curtains

Easy Drop-Cloth Curtains --

Today, I'm sharing a very quick and easy window treatment project, something you can create and finish within an hour -- I promise. I finished this project up long ago, but have just now got around to getting this on the blog. Procrastination!

When we moved into our house in Colorado, the curtains in the living room looked like this...

This photo was from the real estate listing -- not my furniture!

Um, yeah. Not so much my style. Blue, first of all. Really stuffy, second of all.

We've obviously got our own furniture in place in this room now, but it took awhile for me to change out the curtains. Remember this project, where I replaced the vertical blinds in our old house with drop-cloth curtains? I loved those so much (and hated to leave them) -- so I decided to make some for this house too.

Easy Drop-Cloth Curtains --

Much better...and the easiest curtains you will ever make. I didn't even get fancy with them like I did on the originals in our last house.

To make these, you just need canvas drop-cloths from any home improvement store and those curtain clips you can get at Target or anywhere they sell curtains. Just fold over the drop-cloth until you get the length you want (you can cut off the bottom a bit if it's crazy long), clip on the curtain hangers and slide in on the rod. Done. Boom.

Easy Drop-Cloth Curtains --

Easy Drop-Cloth Curtains --

They let a surprising amount of light in, yet are opaque for privacy. And they're neutral enough for any decor. I love them.

Easy Drop-Cloth Curtains --

I'll probably make more for a few other rooms in the house at some point. They just go with everything and are super cheap and easy to make.

Have you made your own curtains? I would love to see -- please share it here...

Stay crafty,


  1. Lissa, you have solved a year-old problem for me! I could not settle on a neutral, simple curtain for my living room windows, and this is it!! Simple (in design, as well as execution), not opaque, and economical. Love! Will send you pics when I'm done.

  2. Yay! So glad to have helped. :) These are the best, honestly. The color is perfect and they're as easy to make as it gets. I'll be making more for sure. Can't wait to see how yours turn out -- once you're able to leave the house from all your snow!

  3. This is just what I need. I'm planning to purchase window blinds. The heat is just so strong that it damages some of my furniture. Thanks for this instructions. This is a great help. Nice blog and keep posting!


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