Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation Layout with Pocket Inserts

When it comes to scrapbooking a vacation, I take a few different approaches. I often do a photobook (from Shutterfly, usually). But I also like to do at least one scrapbook layout per vacation, and usually more, to highlight the various parts of the trip. I keep these layouts together in a Vacation album. We love to look through and see all the vacations and trips we've taken over the years as a family, all in one place.

Today, I'm sharing a layout of our trip to visit Universal Studios in Orlando a few years ago. I had so many great photos from that trip (I did a whole layout just on Seuss Land), but I wanted to create just a single layout for the park itself. With all the great photos that I didn't want to leave out, using pocket inserts was a perfect solution.

I used a few fun papers from my stash, along with a few Universal Studios-themed elements I'd picked up for this purpose. I used my Kiwi Lane designer templates to layer the papers in fun border style.

The front page showcases the Universal Studios entrance and my favorite part -- Jurassic Park.

The back page has a photo collage, pieced together from 4x6 photos, framed off with the borders made with the Kiwi Lane templates.

After trimming the border pieces to fit on the front page, I was able to use the leftover pieces to decorate the pocket inserts.

All-in-all, I was able to feature 17 photos on this layout. That's a lot of photos. Because of the pockets, it doesn't feel like I tried to squeeze too much onto a single layout. I love how it turned out.

The next time you have a lot of photos from a vacation or event, I challenge you to use pocket inserts to add more photos to your layout. You will love the results.


  1. Love the border on the page. I usually just do a shutterfly album for vacation too.


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