Monday, June 06, 2011

Personalization with the Silhouette

I'm loving my Silhouette! My friend Brooks made me an awesome "baseball mom" t-shirt to wear to my boys' baseball games - and I was inspired to get my boys' baseball gear personalized.

Isn't the baseball mom t-shirt adorable? Seriously. Love it.

And here's the boys' baseball gear.

I used the font Varsity to create their names, being careful to watch the sizing because of the spacing above and below this font when you type it out. Also, make sure to mirror your fonts when printing them on the heat transfer material. I used smooth red and flocked white. The baseball on their bat bag came from the Silhouette store (design baseball_outline_C00450_17986).

My boys were so proud of their baseball gear - they said the other boys would be jealous that they had such a cool mom. :) So sweet!
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