Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Using Up Your Button Stash

I have a huge collection of buttons. Remember about 2004 when buttons were just the rage for scrapbook pages? I still love how buttons look on my pages -- but I have to make myself dig out my button stash and use them up every now and then.

I just finished taking Shannon Tidwell's Sassy Scrapbooking workshop at Two Peas. Loved it. I have always loved Shannon's style -- she's been a Garden Girl there forever -- and in this workshop, she shared so many ideas that can really push your scrapbook layouts out into that fun and sassy style she is known for.

In one of the chapters of Shannon's class, she shared a layout where she created a huge star across her page with pom poms. I was inspired by that layout to create this first layout by creating a small heart from buttons right on the photo.

Not quite as large and amazing as Shannon's layout, but I love the soft, sweet look of the buttons.

So on this next layout, I really went all out to create something large and amazing...it might be one of my most favorite layouts ever.

The papers and stamps are from the Studio Calico Front Row kit (Feb. 2013). Love those stamps! It's a set that says "This is how our story begins" and "Let's go on an adventure" plus two arrows, all in a handrawn font - perfect for adding just a little something to your layout. The heart stamp is from the class kit from Studio Calico's Pop Off the Page class (I think?).

And then those washi flags - love them. Shannon shows how to make these in her class too. I added some drops of mists and also stitched around the border of the page twice, something Shannon talks about in her class. I don't get out my sewing machine often enough, so this was a great reminder at how easy and awesome it looks.

I love this layout so much. I love the photos -- one from when hubby and I were dating and one from earlier this year -- and I love the big, bold heart.

Finally, I was inspired by another layout idea in Shannon's class -- she cut up apart a sheet of tickets and cards to create a border across the top of the page. So, I created this layout using the same cut-apart idea plus a border of buttons across the bottom to balance it out. Since the buttons were already out, I figured I should just keep using them...

These photos are of my hubby just before entering his senior year. Our boys thought these photos were hilarious. ("Why do they have him leaning on a column like that?! It looks so fake!") They just don't understand trends and style yet. LOL.

The cards and tickets across the top are an easy and fun way to use those 12x12 cut-apart sheets. I will have to do this again.

And I do love the buttons across the bottom...

Thank you, Shannon, for such a great class. I have even more ideas and inspiration ready to go for future layouts. If you haven't taken Shannon's class yet, you should definitely do it. I loved it!

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