Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Window Frames

I was so excited to pick up these 4 old window frames at a garage sale for $5 each. I think I probably could have talked him down a bit, but I was just too thrilled to find them and afraid someone else would snatch them away. Aren't they lovely?

They were so dirty and chippy. My first task was to scrub them down a bit with a wire brush and hose them off. After I let them dry for a day, I glued the frames together at the joints. They were a bit wobbly, and I didn't want them falling apart any more than they were. After the glue dried, they were nice and tight.

I then added a bit more white paint to cover up the glue and to add some additional distressing. I just slapped the paint on and then rubbed it off with a clean cloth. Nothing fancy.

I had a plan for where to hang these now-lovely window frames. Remember my plain old foyer?

Yeah, it could use some sprucing up. So I hung up 2 of the window frames on the bigger wall.

My plan is to use this space as a backdrop for my seasonal decor - and it's the perfect place to hang an inside wreath. I love how it looks! They are just the perfect amount of distressed wood and chippy paint.

So pretty! I have a Halloween wreath to show you next...Yay!

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  1. Love the window frames! Great find!

  2. Old windows are so fun! They are definitely one of my favorite things!
    Yours look lovely with their really distressed paint!

  3. A wreath will look quite nice hanging there!!!!

  4. they look lovely! love their chippy paint!

  5. Thanks ladies! I also just posted about hanging my first wreath up over these frames. :)

  6. so jealous! I love old window frames. I love how they look hanging together like that.

  7. I am obsessed with old windows too! I love to refinish them and do crazy art things---LOVVVEEE how you kept them old--they look beautiful---stopping by from tip junkie! XOXO!

  8. So glad you like them!

  9. Old frames are cool. Indeed, while some of them are in no condition to act as windows, they still make wonderful decorations inside your home.

    Herb Koguchi


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