Friday, April 25, 2014

Scrap Space Organizing: Thickers

I'm in the process of reorganizing and rearranging my scrap space -- so I thought I would post a few organizing ideas as I'm working through everything here.

First up, I reorganized my Thickers collection. Yes, I have a collection (I'm not the only one, right?). I have a serious Thickers addiction. I love using them on my layouts -- and apparently I love buying them too. But organizing them is always a challenge. Those cellophane packages they come in are the worst for long-term storage -- hard to open and a nightmare to get them back into.

So when Mercy Tiara talked about how she organizes her Thickers, I was all over that immediately. So much better. Now, I store all my opened Thickers in these 6x12 open-ended plastic bags (I bought mine on eBay -- just do a search and you'll find lots of options). And I just attach the Thickers label to the baggie to help identify them later.

Scrap Space Organizing: Thickers --

But I still had the problem of organizing all of them. I settled on placing them all in two open baskets, sorted by color -- neutrals in one basket, colors in another. But the baskets were big and just sat on my floor and took up a lot of room. Annoying.

Then, I had the bright idea of using the bottom drawer of my cutting station.

Scrap Space Organizing: Thickers --
And here is where you see my embarassingly large collection of Thickers...
 They were an almost-perfect fit. I just have to bend the label down to get them to lay on their sides in the drawer. They're still sorted by color, making it super easy to find what I'm looking for. Success!

Scrap Space Organizing: Thickers --

Scrap Space Organizing: Thickers --

So that's my Thickers storage tip -- store open packages in 6x9 plastic bags, store them on their side for easy access, and sort them by color.

How do you organize your Thickers? I would love to hear your ideas.

Until next time,
Stay crafty!
Lissa :)


  1. Wishing I had a drawer that size. I have mine in a drawer but flat and its annoying to go through.

    1. I had them side-by-side like this in two baskets that I bought at Target. I liked the side-by-side part but I didn't have a place to put the baskets where they fit, so I moved them to this drawer. You might try baskets to see if that works better for you. :)


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