Monday, January 02, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Decor

I've had a lot of fun with our front porch this year for Christmas...

Isn't it pretty? I love it. I hate to take it down now that Christmas is over.

The bench is a work-in-progress but started out as a garage sale find that was missing a seat. Byron cut and attached some boards so I could use it for now - I plan to paint and finish it up once the weather gets warmer again. The sled is another garage sale find. I'd love to find some old ice skates too. The rest are bits and pieces from my holiday stash.

The ladder behind the bench and the old chair are the same ones I had out for Halloween, just dressed up for Christmas instead.

I wove lights in and around the chair and trees on the bench so that it really looks pretty at night.

We didn't put up lights all over the house this year, but Byron did put in green and red lights for our exterior lights - it looked really nice.

That's it for the outside - next up, a Christmas tour of the inside of our home.

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