Monday, September 12, 2011

Tile and Paper Coasters

I saw these coasters on Just a Girl's blog and loved them immediately. I had been searching for a set of coasters since we bought our very first grown-up, real wood coffee table. (Yes, our first, and I'm turning 37 next week - can you believe it??) But I hadn't found any I loved at any of my usual shopping stops.

So off to Home Depot I went to grab up some floor samples to make my own version. There were lots of different floor samples to choose from, but I really liked the faux-tile (aka linoleum).

I found cork board at Michaels in big 12x12 squares, which worked perfectly. I cut the cork just slightly smaller than my tiles, then hot-glued it onto the back. I could have stopped there - but I thought it would be cute to mod-podge some pretty paper to the top. After letting it dry, voila - my coaster masterpieces were ready.

This set is now on my beautiful, new coffee table. I love red toile.

And this set I gave to a dear friend who hosted our family for a weekend visit.

Now I need another set for our family room. These are super easy and make great quick gifts. Just make sure to let them cure for a few days before stacking them or they'll stick together a bit. You can still pull them apart, but it's slightly embarrassing from a gift-giving standpoint for your gifts to be stuck together... :)


  1. love the signs . i want one of those silhouette machines

  2. Thanks! The Silhouette is a fun tool to have!

  3. These really would make a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing. Now, i'm inspired to make coasters. :)-

  4. Great to hear, Vanessa! Please share it with us if you make a set (or two)...

  5. Make sure you glue the cork board to the wood prior to cutting, because if you don't, you will have to measure and cut and glue four pieces of cork board to each coaster. Gluing it ahead of time ensures that when you cut the coasters out of larger plank that you have four coasters, routed and bottomed with cork board ready for use.

    Paper Coasters


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